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Loft Conversions in Horley

At Inkko Ltd in Horley, we are experts at undertaking and completing any form of loft conversion to reinvent your loft into a contemporary living space. Loft conversions are becoming more and more popular due to the ability to increase indoor living space, without sacrificing any pre-existing rooms or garden areas.

Loft Conversions Horley

As loft conversions incorporate already existing space into the plans for room expansion, they tend to be much cheaper than extensions. This is because of the fact that no external space needs to be used to increase the living space in your property. A loft conversion makes the most of the extra floor in your property.

Moreover, unlike the majority of building work, loft conversions are not weather dependant! This means that all work can be undertaken whether there is rain, snow, or hail. Additionally, getting Town Planning Permission can be problematic, fortunately, loft conversions do not require TPP, and it is much easier to gain permission from your local council for this type of building project.

If you are looking for a fully qualified and experienced loft converter in Horley, then look no further than Inkko Ltd. Give us a call today on 01293863512, or send us a message through our contact page.